Tournament of Destruction

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Held exclusively  in Tucson, AZ for over 28 years, the Tournament of Destruction draws over 10,000 - 12,000 fans each year.

The Tournament of Destruction offers guests a wide variety of one of a kind entertainment including world renowned monster trucks, freestyle motorcycles, demolition derby,  truck pull drags, monster truck rides, and delicious food.

The Tournament of Destruction has one of the largest and most easily accessible event tracks available in Tucson.

We pride ourselves in public engagement, including the hiring of local employees, food vendors, performers, and local high school auto shop participation in our demolition derby event. Our community outreach targets many local charities, including the Tucson Breakfast Lions Club.


33% Children 12 yrs - 17 yrs

57% Adults 21 yrs - 49 yrs

59%  Male

60%  Married

75% Work on their own cars/ trucks

54% Own three or more vehicles in their household

95% Own a credit or debit card

98% Own or use personal computers on a weekly basis

68% Earn over $30K per year

Website Analytics

Unique website visitors: 7,000


Social Media Platforms

Facebook Following: 821 People

780 fans reside in Tucson and the surrounding area

55% of the fans are female

44% of the fans are male

Ages range from 25 yrs - 44 yrs

Each Facebook post reaches over 1.6 K viewers and engage an average of 150 fans

Instagram following since 2015: 110

Twitter following since 2012: 10

YouTube averaging approximately 400 views per video

We expect our growth rate in 2016 to be higher than our historical growth rate due to the deployment of our new target marketing email distribution as well as special promotions and ticket giveaways.

Sponsorship opportunities are created for your specific marketing objective. The success of our clients is based on a targeted marketing program. 

For information on becoming a sponsor or vendor at the Tournament of Destruction, contact