Tournament of Destruction

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What is the difference between Tournament of Destruction and other Monster Truck Shows?  

Unlike other monster truck events The Tournament of Destruction features not only Monster Trucks, but also Demolition Derby, FX Motocross, Truck Pull Drags, Tough Trucks, and many other motorized sporting performances that vary per show.

The Tournament of Destruction also has one of the largest and best arenas available in Tucson. The outdoor seating helps to minimize inhalation of automotive fumes, and helps to decrease noise pollution.

Locally owned and operated in Tucson since 1988 the Tournament of Destruction is a large contributor to the Tucson community including support of local Tucson artisans and various charitable contributions. We strive to make our Tucson community a better place by giving back as much as possible.


Where can I purchase tickets?

Advance general admission tickets are available for purchase at Merle's Automotive in Tucson, Az. General admission tickets are also available for purchase at the gate on the day of the event. 

VIP tickets and general admission tickets will be available for purchase on our website two weeks prior to the event date. 

VIP tickets are also available for purchase at the event from the Novelty booth, after the price of admission.

Where is "Will Call" Located?

"Will-Call" is located at the main entrance of the Tucson Rodeo Grounds off of South Sixth Ave. Will-Call is only open on the Friday and Saturday night of the event from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

What are the dates of your events?

The Tournament of Destruction is a semi annual event that runs three times a year, during the spring, summer, and fall. Please check our website for the schedule or keep up to date by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Do you offer any discount tickets for groups?

Please contact us for your specific ticket needs so that we may accommodate your party. Generally we do not have any ticket discounts on groups that are under 20 persons. 

Do you offer any special donation tickets?

We do have an allotted amount of donation tickets available for charitable organizations. Please contact us at least two weeks prior to our event. 

Do you have press passes available?

We have a limited number of press passes for each show. Please contact us asap to request yours for our next event. 


What is your refund policy?

We do not offer any refunds or exchanges of any kind including but not limited to; admission tickets, VIP passes, Groupon vouchers, Living Social vouchers, or for any goods or services purchased before or during the event. 

Does the event take place if it rains? 

Yes, it is a rain or shine event. The show may pause momentarily if the weather imposes any safety threats, but will resume as soon as possible. Rain gear is sold at the event, but please feel free to bring your own. We think muddy tracks makes the event more entertaining!

Groupon / Living Social

How do I redeem or Exchange my Groupon or Living Social voucher?

Tickets will be available to pick up at the event on the day of the show. Be sure to display your voucher at 'Will Call'  along with your government issued photo ID. 

In order to avoid confusion, it is recommended to attend the event on the night indicated on your voucher. If you are not able to attend on the specified night please let 'Will Call' know on the day of the event what night you were originally designated to attend. There is no guarantee that you will be admitted for the incorrect night. 


Do you have any VIP or Priority Seating? 

Currently we do not offer any VIP or Priority Seating. The seat numbers are NOT assigned to the tickets. 

Do you offer any special assistance seating?

Yes, The Rodeo Grounds is regulated by Tucson Parks and Recreation and is ADA accessible. You will find the wheel chair ramp located at the North end of the grand stands.  We at the Tournament of Destruction provide special folding chairs to offer the companions of those who are in need of assistance. 

If you or your family are in need any help during the event please ask one of our event staff and they will be happy to oblige. 

If you need any extra assistance or arrangements please contact us at least two weeks prior to the event. We will do everything within our power in order to accommodate you.

Pit Party

Do you charge extra for the pit party?

The pit party that was previously open to general admission ticket holders is now exclusive to only VIP pass holders. You can purchase your VIP pass on the day of the show, after the price of admission from the novelty booth for $22.

Are children free to enter the pit party?

Children age 0 - 36 months are free to attend VIP party only if accompanied by a parent or guardian who has a paid VIP pass.

What is the difference between a 'Pit Pass' and the 'Pit Party'?

Pit passes are only available for purchase by event participant drivers and their pit crew. The drivers gate is located at the entrance on Irvington. 16+ admittance only - No EXCEPTIONS. 

Monster Trucks

What monster trucks will be at your event?

Each event is different and we do our best to bring in the greatest names in Monster Trucks we can find! We carefully consider each driver and their ratings prior to our final selection. We are committed to our audience and making your experience the best it can be.

Where can I get a monster truck driver autograph? 

You can get a driver autograph at the pre-show Pit Party from 5:00 - 6:00 pm Friday and Saturday.

How can I drive a monster truck or become a professional monster truck driver?

Unfortunately we do not offer the opportunity to drive a monster truck any longer. 

Professional monster truck drivers require a lot of mechanical knowledge and a large financial backing. We recommend contacting a local driver for more information.

Demolition Derby

How can I drive in the demolition derby?

Please contact Iron Carnage Motorsports Club via their facebook for more information about how you can join in on the action. 

Other Questions

Do I need ear protection at the event?

We sell ear plugs at the event, or we encourage you to bring your own. 

Which day should I attend the event?

General admission tickets are not date designated, you may attend Friday or Saturday unless otherwise specified by a promotion or through Groupon and / or LivingSocial.

How do I get a specific greeting or birthday wish by the announcer at the event?

We strongly encourage audience interaction and participation. Please contact us at least one week prior to the event to make any special requests. We cannot guarentee that all requests will be fulfilled.