Tournament of Destruction

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The Tournament of Destruction is a locally owned and operated Tucson, AZ exclusive event since 1988.  

It began with a small group of friends looking to a have a fun demolition derby competition with each other.

The first event was held at the Tucson Convention Center with just under fifty spectators.

Soon after, the demolition derby event gained popularity and was relocated to The Tucson Rodeo Grounds in order to accommodate the growing crowd.

As the spectators grew so did the need for the integration of more motorized entertainment, including; motorcycle and quad races, FX motocross, monster trucks, tough trucks,  truck pull drags, small car derby, and truck derby.  

Arizona Daily Star 1996

KVOA News Tucson 

Many world renowned motorists  and celebrities have participated in the event over the past years.

Currently the Tournament of Destruction holds two - two day events per year attracting over 12,000 fans each year making it one of the largest and longest running events in the city of Tucson.

Grave Digger 1997 - Greg Clark for the Arizona Daily Wildcat